5° Edition 2011 /

Superurbano. Sustainable urban regeneration., Michele De Lucchi

The word “superurbano” appeared during one of the first meetings in which we still didn’t know how the theme of urban regeneration would develop. We talked about ways of living in the city, of sustainability, of transformations and we realised that we had to find a greater level of intervention with a higher humanist, technological and social profile.

Regenerating a city does not mean acting solely on the aesthetic aspects of the urban landscape, but using architecture as an indication of a more profound, radical change able to put man back at the centre of all the thinking. It is important to remmeber that design must interpret the way in which people move and relate to one another and the spaces they inhabit.

Michele De Lucchi, Andrea Boschetti

Fondazione Cappochin
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International Prize Winner, Miguel Marcelino

11° Edition 23/24

Regional Prize Winner, Scattola Simeoni Architetti

11° Edition 23/24

Honorable Mention International Prize, RIPOLL·TIZON estudio de arquitectura

11° Edition 23/24

Honorable Mention International Prize, Grazzini Tonazzini + Colombo

11° Edition 23/24

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