Fondazione Cappochin

10th edition 2021/22

Barbara Cappochin International Architecture Prize

The spread of COVID-19 and the attempt to contain its effects have resulted in measures that are profoundly affecting every aspect of daily life.
Hoping for a quick return to normality, and not wishing to forego the traditional events in attendance at the prizes ceremony the Barbara Cappochin Foundation hereby communicates that the tenth edition 2021–2022 of the Biennale will take place according to the following schedule:

- October 26, 2021: registration opening
- January 31, 2022: deadline for registrations
- April 9, 2022: prizes ceremony

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Architectural Tables Opening
Fondazione Cappochin

Architectural Tables Opening
9° edition

Fondazione Cappochin

partner of the International Architecture Prize Barbara Cappochin

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