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The Barbara Cappochin Foundation, created to preserve Barbara’s memory, has always sought to raise awareness of the close link between quality of life and quality of architecture. The bond between life and architecture is a strange, unusual and seemingly illogical one, but it is in fact real, concrete and inviolable.

to learn and study, a place to work, to listen to the silence, recreational spaces, spaces that are always respectful of the different needs caused by life. Just like mankind, nature also needs to be “heard”, respected, preserved and admired because it is a wonderful and indispensable gift.

It is right here, between man and nature, that architecture is placed: architecture as a service, as a quest for emotion, as a place of transmission and protection, a welcoming place for sharing and living together in diversity, architecture as lightness and transparency.

What is needed is architecture that can represent respect, the ability to impose limits, humility in the knowledge of its capabilities, an architecture that appropriates the unchanged and unchangeable values that underlie the gifts left by Barbara during the course of her 22 years of life. In awareness of this, the Barbara Cappochin Foundation and the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Curators of the province of Padua continue to offer comparisons, debates, international conferences, the International Prize for Architecture and Exhibitions, so that each of us, in keeping with our roles and our scope, can become a creator, animator and protagonist along the path that leads to quality: quality of life, quality of architecture.

Giuseppe Cappochin
Presidente della Fondazione "Barbara Cappochin"

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Fondazione Cappochin

Architectural Tables Opening_Winner Conference
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