1° Edition 2003 /

Light and gravity. Architecture 1993-2003, Mario Botta

In an architectural work, light generates space: without light, there is no space. Natural light gives the body to plastic forms, shapes the surfaces of materials, and controls and balances geometric patterns. The space generated by light is the soul of architectural fact. Built volumes contribute to the definition of space, which is the ultimate goal in architectural design. The void dictates spatial and functional relationships, controls visual tracings, and generates possible emotions, expectations, and interpretations.

Mario Botta

Fondazione Cappochin
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International Prize Winner, Miguel Marcelino

11° Edition 23/24

Regional Prize Winner, Scattola Simeoni Architetti

11° Edition 23/24

Honorable Mention International Prize, RIPOLL·TIZON estudio de arquitectura

11° Edition 23/24

Honorable Mention International Prize, Grazzini Tonazzini + Colombo

11° Edition 23/24

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