6° Edition 2013 /

Pezzo per Pezzo Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Piece by Piece Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The traditional exhibition at the Palazzo della Ragione, design in this edition by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop,  is conceived as a pathway wandering between worlds: that one of the social polis in continuous development; the poetic world of weightlessness; the more closely design-related conception of building as a careful interpretation of a specific function; the ideal world that considers art as a powerful tool for collective consciousness. There is a continuous hesitation, a digression between these different worlds, which inevitably merge and overlap.


« L’architettura è un’arte di frontiera, perché sconfina nella scienza, nella tecnologia, nella geografia, nella storia, nella climatologia, nella vita di comunità e dunque nella politica.»

Renzo Piano
Fondazione Cappochin
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