8° Edition 2017 /

Architectural Tables, 8° edition

Temporary Exhibition of the best work selected by the International Jury

In Via San Fermo, the street for strolling and labels in the city, the  exhibition of the best 50 works, presented by the International Jury, on 3 Architectural Tables, the result of a competition for young architects, to which is added the architecture table designed by the architect Enzo Calabrese.
Tables made with wood and stone, wood, an ancient and modern material: ancient in its remembering workings that existed for millennia and associated in the mind to craftsmanship and knowledge manual, modern because it recalls the sustainability and the relationship with nature; wood that embodies a universe of essences, color variations, declinable based on needs Stone, stone of Vicenza, with its well visible limestone debris and its nuances, from white to yellow and gray which give it a warm, natural and his appearance physical structure that makes it material adaptable to different purposes and uses: from sculpture to architecture, to design.

Fondazione Cappochin
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