5° Edition 2011 /

Architectural Tables, 5° edition

After having taken the city inside the architecture, a second stage of studying the designs awarded by Fondazione Barbara Cappochin takes place outside. In the small square next to another “monument” of the city, the Caffè Pedrocchi, the designs can be seen on big stands like those in an architect’s studio resting on a 24 metre long wooden table.
Immersong these in the flow of pedestrian traffic, the designs on the table are intended to increase public participation, sensitising people to the important subjects on which the city is acting as spokesman. This table,with its wide top supported by a light  grid frame, is in turn minor architecture and was inspired by the geometry of a bridge over a river: just as a bridge connects two banks opening up dialogue between peoples, the table of architecture ferries the chaotic present towards a better future for the city.

Fondazione Cappochin
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11° Edition 23/24

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