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Special Mention Inernational Prize, Hollmen Reuter Sandman Architects

Hostels for girls in Iringa region, Hollmen Reuter Sandman Architects, Tanzania

Collaborative Architecture. Attention to the world, gender equality and inclusion through thoughtful projects to build a better future. In rural Tanzania, going to school remains a challenge for some girls. Hence, the demand for safe and well-designed hostels focused on young women. Specifically, the NGO Ukumbi partnered with Lyra in Africa to design and build dormitories for secondary school girls. Four dormitories have been built, and the fifth is under construction. The jury awards a special mention appreciating the commitment of the NGO developing the project, dedicated to young women, and the relationship with the local government.
This is a collective, participatory construction (also in terms of co-design), a concrete solution that could also be the beginning of a prototype to be replicated and that stands out for its attention to economic, social and enviromental sustainibility. The theme of including users in the design process is highlighted to emphasize how architecture can be a means for empowerment.


Nyang'oro Girl's hostel_221017_plan_SMALL.jpg
Fondazione Cappochin
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