Bivouac Fanton DEMOGO 2529.jpg
10° Edition 21/22 /

Regional Prize Winner DEMOGO

Nuovo Bivacco Fanton, DEMOGO, Italy

International Jury Motivation. The project for the Fanton Bivouac is representative of Venetian architecture: signed by a Venetian studio (DEMOGO), for a Venetian client (CAI section of Auronzo) who chose the competition route to entrust the assignment. The project was chosen for its perfect integration with the mountain environment and the natural landscape. An iconic architecture, rich in content, without looking for spectacularization. Appreciate the compositional and technological solutions: challenging for the location and for the management of the construction site, in line with atmospheric conditions. Technology in particular is a characterising element of the project: it integrates with the topography, and the materials, internal and external, have been chosen in a coherent way to make a small building built at high altitude, which preserves the human scale. The construction maintains a high-quality level in the study and implementation of architectural details with an effective result in terms of livability of the interior space.

Fondazione Cappochin
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