5° Edition 2011 /

International Prize Winner Estudio Barozzi Veiga

Ribera De Duero, Estudio Barozzi Veiga, Spain

International Jury Motivation. The choice of the winning design was widely agreed upon by the jury because it combines the qualities of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability as specified by the objectives of the award. The winning project's ability to fit into a historical context and the surrounding landscape with great sensitivity while maintaining its own contemporary nature was much appreciated. The small scale of the project does not compromise the complexity of its distribution and composition, allowing it to be transformed into a true community construction capable of creating a public space that provides a new perspective of the surrounding landscape recreating the borders of the existing scenario. The project displays significant attention and sensitivity in the use of materials and design details, revealing an original personality that is able to give a true identity to place. The Jury rewarded the ability of synthesis and simplicity that addresses the delicate relationship between the contemporary nature of the project, the existing landscape and the history of the place.

Fondazione Cappochin
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