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Honorable Mention Regional Prize, Studio Architetti Borchia Associati

Nuova Sant'Agnese, Studio Architetti Borchia Associati, Padua, Italy

Conscious architecture. The jury recognised in this restoration of a church, with a new cultural use, a correct approach for an intervention in the center of the city of Padua.
A "measured" architecture that aims to reuse the building while respecting the original structure with a new language and contemporary materials. A focus is also on open spaces and the relationship with light.

A restoration project, a typical ITALYn and territorial theme, aimed at the preservation of the compositional design of the elevations and the existing structure, through the conservative and functional recovery of the original architectural and spatial elements, with a view to a non-invasive intervention and the stitching together of the twentieth-century transformations and inserts, with solutions that could to some extent also enhance the discontinuity in the use of materials, with a view to a new and modern fruition.

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Fondazione Cappochin
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