10° Edition 21/22 /

Award Ceremony, 10° edition

Nova Musica Ensamble, Cafelulè

Once again, the award ceremony for the winners and mentions of the Prize took place in the beautiful and unique space of Cavea Arcari (Zovencedo, Vicenza), at the presence of the guests of the Barbara Cappochin Foundation and the Laboratorio Morseletto for Architecture, the awardees briefly presented their projects, thanking the Foundation for the international recognition they received.
Subsequently, the “Nova Musica Ensamble” orchestra and choir, filled the space with music by Morricone, Verdi, Mascagni, Bizet, Cohen. The music, sliding on the water, was able to create a fairy-tale environment, while the dancers of the contemporary vertical dance company “Cafelulè”, in a different dialogue with the laws of gravity, sliding along the walls catching each other, leaving each other, embracing each other, moving in tune with the music, transformed the whole environment into a large stage, arousing wonder in those present who watched a dance performance looking up and experiencing the space in a new dimension.

Fondazione Cappochin
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