8° Edition 2017 /

Architecture Meets the School

The students of the Secondary Schools of Second Grade in Padua, Rovigo and Provinces meet architecture

In a Palazzo della Ragione full of  attentive and silent students, the  architects Maurizio Carta, professor of  Urban Planning and Territorial Planning,  President of the Polytechnic School of  the University of Palermo and delegate of  the Rector for territorial development and  Gianluca Peluffo, who addresses the issue  of contemporaneity in the relationship  between city, territory and architecture, as  a researcher at the Faculty of Architecture  in Genoa, talk about architecture  presentating their works.  Architecture intended not only as the built  environment but also as empty spaces  that surround it, not only buildings, but  also parks, cities with residential and  industrial areas, with shopping centers  Architecture Meets the School - Palazzo della Ragione - Padova  and hospitals, because all the choices that  are made in the context of architecture  affects people’s life and their needs to live  in spaces, built or not, respectful of their  needs and the environment.  Not only the single houses, therefore, on  a human scale, but the whole city must  place man at the center of its design and  construction.

Fondazione Cappochin
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11° Edition 23/24

Regional Prize Winner, Scattola Simeoni Architetti

11° Edition 23/24

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11° Edition 23/24

Honorable Mention International Prize, Grazzini Tonazzini + Colombo

11° Edition 23/24

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