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Regional Prize Winner David Chipperfield Architects

Cavea Arcari David Chipperfield Architects

Cavea Arcari by architect David Chipperfield  is the work winning the Regional Prize. It  is a hollow in a horizontal gallery located  in the area of the Berici Hills in the  province of Vicenza.  The project is born of emptiness and with  small interventions generates a multifunctional  space that emphasizes the  charm and characteristics of the place  by defining, in a poetic dimension, a new  relationship between man and nature.  The redesign of the ground through simple  additions made of podiums and stone  tiers, in contrast with the clear cut line of  the ceiling, manages to create a powerful  effect that brings to mind the intensity of  the spaces of classical theaters.  Brick Cave, H&P Architects, Vietnam  Only two materials are used: Vicenza’s  Pietra Bianca and the water mirror that  reflects the artificial lights - expertly  organized - on the walls and ceiling carved  by the cuts in the rock.

Fondazione Cappochin
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Regional Prize Winner David Chipperfield Architects

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